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Written by Domainer's Magazine Staff   
Friday, 01 October 2010 15:36

SAN FRANCISCO & ROME – DomainsBot, the leading provider of semantic technologies in the domain industry, announced the launch of DomainsBot Toll Free services. This will give customers the opportunity to find, reserve and manage valuable toll free vanity numbers. These services are powered by DomainsBot's patent-pending Vanity Spinner technology , which is seamlessly integrated with Smart PBX, a powerful console to redirect incoming calls to any device, including Skype.

"DomainsBot helped thousands of domain owners register valuable domain names during the last 6 years” said Emiliano Pasqualetti, CEO of DomainsBot. “With the introduction of our toll free services we will bring the full power of our name suggestion technology to vanity numbers and give businesses a chance to reserve valuable phone numbers too.”

The launch of DomainsBot Toll Free services has been scheduled in conjunction with the release, after over 10 years, of a new toll free area code (855). This represents a great opportunity for businesses to reserve a number their clients can remember like 1-855-COMPANY or 1-855-CALLNOW.

DomainsBot offers 855 pre-ordering services at no cost until October 2nd, 2010, followed by a 30-day or 30-minute free trial. DomainsBot is the only company to offer free 855 number pre-orders until the official release to the public. DomainsBot Toll Free services are available at DomainBot’s Toll Free website.

For further information, please contact Emiliano Pasqualetti, CEO DomainsBot at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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