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Steve Jobs Place in History A Small Tribute from a BIG Fan PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rick Schwartz   
Thursday, 06 October 2011 07:16
Morning Folks!! Did you notice that the world is turning a little slower today? It is. When mankind loses the likes of Steve Jobs mankind loses something words can’t describe, When I look back, I would have to say he is as easy to replace as Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin or Isaac Newton. In other words, he is irreplaceable. There is not a human being that is alive that has not benefitted from his visions and ideas. Talk about creating “Jobs”. Job’s created more jobs that perhaps anyone on earth and his legend will live on. What Beethoven is to music, what Shakespeare is to writing is what Steve Jobs was to progress and tech and of course computers and...
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Steve Jobs DEAD PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rick Schwartz   
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 19:41
Evening Folks!! Sorry to hear Steve Jobs has died. A GREAT loss for mankind. :-( He will rank up there with Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin and Albert Einstein along with only a handful of others. Prolific life changer for EVERY person reading this. And for those that think life is open ended......at 56, he was younger than me and not that much older than many of you. The greatest idea man of our time is gone. He can't be replaced. I think it is okay to shed a few tears on this one. I am surrounded by all things Apple. I think he deserves an "International Day of Mourning" Steve Jobs 1955-2011 Rick Schwartz
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2nd Bite of the Apple Defined for the TRAFFIC Auction PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rick Schwartz   
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 10:52
Morning Folks!! Last week I described our idea about the "Second Bite of the Apple" to help bring some liquidity into the domain market. It was just an idea and since then we have constructed the formula and put the infrastructure in place. We will be working with ZenScrow.com who will be providing the financing, transfer and escrow service. The info can be found here. This service is open to all sellers and they must advise us before the auction whether they want to be included in the "Second Bite". If the domain does not sell for cash, a seller can elect to offer 2-3 year (or more or less) financing with 25% down and then payments over the term....
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TRAFFICs New App to be Released Next Week PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rick Schwartz   
Tuesday, 04 October 2011 06:37
Morning Folks!! Howard and I keep working on things to add value to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and to the Industry. So in that regard, next week on October 12, Just 48 hours before the TRAFFIC festivities begin, we will unveil our new app. Just one of a number of surprises we have in store. App Description: Get connected and get real-time access to the best Domainers and Domain Names in the Industry! Browse the most influential domain investors Easily connect with other domain name investors and developers when you know who is available, and find out more about their portfolio and interests. Browse high value domains When you spot a valuable domain name opportunity, you know who to contact to buy, sell...
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Socialscom to Hit the Auction Block at TRAFFIC What is the Value PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rick Schwartz   
Monday, 03 October 2011 20:27
Evening Folks!! Things are moving faster than I can even respond to the emails. The bargains are coming and the folks with nice domains see we are going to have a serious auction with serious domainers making serious bids. Why? Becuase it is meant to work by having people walk away with bargains. Some of the .XXX domains are going to fly well ahead of their reserves. So while some reserves may only be $15k, $25k, $50k, bidders will bid it up to the proper level. The MARKET will speak. Just got in Socials.com and it is priced to sell on October 18th. What do you think a domain like this is worth? What will the high bid be? The...
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