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How WebRTC Impacts Domain Names PDF Print E-mail
Written by bruce   
Monday, 07 January 2013 18:21

As I have shown lately I am a big proponent of WebRTC, WebRTC allows real time communications between web browsers without a download, i.e. no plugin or Java download. This will enable all sorts of new voice, video, chat, and data applications.

As you can imagine this is the type of trend it is good to get ahead of if you invest in domain names. You can already see sites like Twelephone.com coming up with unique brandable names for the new social communication services they are offering. This is just the beginning as more and more companies are beginning to use the technology as it becomes more widespread in browsers (currently it is available in Google Chrome and nightly releases of Firefox).

On Linkedin recently I had someone contact me giving me a thanks for talking about the new technology as they were able to pick up some related domain names and then on Twitter this week the team over at Media Options asked my thoughts on how I thought WebRTC would impact domain names.

As I have been wanting to do some domain blogging lately I thought it a good topic to hit on. I have not posted about domain names as much lately as I honestly feel the market is pretty saturated with blogs and I do not feel like rehashing the same things people Like Morgan Linton and Mike Berkens are already talking about, they do a great job and no reason for me to just wrap new words around it. BTW, just listed a couple of my favorites, there are plenty more.

So all that said, when talking about how WebRTC impacts domaining I see a couple things:

  • It proves the domain name is not dead
  • Real time domains are key

I am the first one to tell people that mobile usage is driven from the app, we have become an app centric world due to the continued penetration of the smartphone and tablet devices such as the iPad (I officially only use my iPad Mini as my deskphone as of just this past month).

But, even though there are iOS SDKs being built for WebRTC enablement, one of the main drivers of WebRTC is browser to browser communication without a plugin, you can imagine that brandable domain names become very important especially if they can include some relevance to real time communications, and to be clear do not look at communications just as voice. Video, Chat, and Application and Data Sharing will become easier and more pervasive. Look at companies like BlueJeans.com to understand how video conferencing is driving harder than ever and becoming a usable service for businesses.

That means the domain is not dead, although people do find much of what they are looking for through search the browser is not dead and this will keep driving people to the browser and not always to an app.

On the generic side, alot of the key WebRTC domains are already taken, I found one last good product related one today but as this is new trend there will be categories that pop up around it that you will want to be on the watch for. But more importantly I think picking up domain names related to real time and cloud based communications services are key. I have been on the look out and deciding where the most value is here but without a doubt if I had to choose based on the trend its real time, cloud based, communications and more importantly SDKs and APIs. One word: Twilio

So, there you have it, future trend domain investment has paid off for people many times. This is no different, pay attention to the trends and profit.


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Sanctuaria My New Fave St Louis Food Destination PDF Print E-mail
Written by bruce   
Saturday, 01 December 2012 12:05

OK, I must admit. I am a foodie at heart, hence my need to really focus on eating healthy when not ingesting large quantities of great food when I head out to a great restaurant. It also explains my fractured foot from having to run way to much because of ingesting so much of the said good food. All that said, I never do food posts on my blog but, it’s my blog so I can do it if I want:)

I really do not give St. Louis its fair shot when it comes to food, I have started to make it a point to start venturing out to more local places when in town rather than hit my typical favorites, Drunken Fish, don’t worry I will will still come visit, but I need to say good bye just for a bit.

I travel a lot, a couple million miles over the past 10 years or so, I tend to hit more trendy, adventurous spots while visiting NYC, Austin, San Francisco, and other cities known for their unique dining experiences. But realized I really was not giving my home town a chance.

This past weekend my wife, Tiffany, and I decided to pick a restaurant that had been getting buzz and seemed *interesting*. We were keeping an open mind, meaning great steak or sushi either one could of won out.

In this case we chose neither of those and went with tapas, the restaurant we choice was Sanctuaria, the bar alone would be well worth the visit to say the very least, holy crap the drink menu was much larger than the food menu. And by drinks I am not talking about Gin and Tonic, I am talking some of the most creative mixed drinks you will find, period. I have had the pleasure to enjoy a drink all over this fine country in some pretty bad ass places, but this place was as good as any, period…

A little research shows that the Mixologist on staff, Matt Seiter, has won many an award and has a book coming out explaining some of the drinks, read this page and you will get the method behind the madness in the bar here. For reference Tiffany had the “Kind of Played Out” which is Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, Rehorst Gin, Honey Syrup, Lemon Juice, Blue Curacao, Fresh Lavendar Flowers, and Club soda. She enjoyed to say the least.

But since I was driving I was there for the food. First off, we checked in on Foursquare, there are specials for Sanctuaria on there if you check in with a friend, take advantage of it. My online marketing head loved the fact they were taking advantage of Foursquare.

So what did we order:






You can see the descriptions of each here on the menu.

Obviously with the title of my post we loved the food, it was great, unique, and the flavors were great. My favorite was the Frita sliders, seriously how bad can Chorizo sliders be. Spicy but not ridiculously so.

But most surprising was the chicken skewers. Tiffany ordered them and I gave her the “Really, chicken skewers???” look but they were phenomenal. I really just expected to get the standard chicken on stick and it be ok. But they managed to give what looked like turkey size tenderloins with an amazing amount of flavor, the flavor from the cuba libre glaze stood out, I can say without a doubt the most flavorful chicken I have had, I did not expect much, and I really do like unique items on a menu, in other words I would of NEVER ordered chicken skewers, ever.. But I will order these again.

All that said, ever item was exceptional.

I am not a food reviewer, but my point with all of this is that you will not be disappointed.

We did have dessert as well, do yourself a favor order the Havana Bread, it takes 20 minutes to bake, BUT heres the trick, order the Carrot Cake Ice Cream with it. It is a perfect combo. Do it!

A little side note, a few days later we were having dinner at our local spot here in Farmington and ran into someone who we were discussing food options with, we started talking about best restaurants we have tried lately, no joke, no exaggeration we both said Sanctuaria at the exact same time. This is someone that we had never really spoke to before in any detail and this restaurant popped up. It has created a name and I am more than happy that we decided to head out and find some good foodie spots locally. I never thought that there was not good food locally, I just never took the time to go in St. Louis, I did all my foodie eating while traveling. Looks like that will be changing.




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How To Show Measurable Online Marketing Results PDF Print E-mail
Written by bruce   
Monday, 26 November 2012 18:19

Over the past few years I have spent a considerable amount of time speaking to customers, colleagues, and anyone who would listen about both “tangible” and “intangible” results from online marketing including social media and search marketing.

Unfortunately to most people that own businesses or those that are in upper management the web is one big intangible mess to them when it comes to marketing. What can be frustrating about that is that it is much more measurable than any other marketing method that these same individuals have dealt with for years. But since a billboard can be touched, or a trade magazine ad can be physically seen those both seem much more “real” to the the decision makers or executives at a large company.

As we in the online industry know, those methods are as intangible as you can get as far as measurement. It can be done at some level, but real measurement comes from numbers. Although I completely understand there is brand identity that can come from putting your logo out at the end of the day people end up wanting people in their door. At some point its about more than your name its about dollars.

What is great is how simple it is to show people the light when it comes to this, in all reality the amount of data that can be given can be overwhelming for the business owner or exec and those of us that spend our time in all this data can try to share way to much when “trying to prove our point”.

If it is an E-Commerce site it could be as simple as orders placed. Although it would be wrong to mention the customers name, I will say we had one customer that was a very well known business in the area last year that previously had spent a considerable amount of money on a nice looking online store for their product. They were known to have a great product but in the past several years had not had more than a few, thats not an exaggeration no more than a few orders from a site that had cost them 5 figures between development and hosting and various monthly services.

After a site rebuild and optimization around product names and long tail keywords they had more sales in the week after launch than they had in the past 5 years. It was a combination of both proper design to drive people to purchase and proper keyword targeting. In this case as much as we could show targeted search drives purchases with keywords it was even easier to show month over month results, or quarter over quarter.

So that leads me to the next one and the most important, when dealing with a business that is not taking orders online (the majority of most websites BTW), showing the number and quality of visitors to the companies website can be done most effectively if they have had prior analytics tools on their website. The most common being Google Analytics.

In this case the easiest way is to do year over year (YoY) or month over month (MoM) reports for visitors, bounce rate, and specific keywords. If targeted search was the reason the business was working with you in the first place I find it best to show reports that show the specific growth around their key terms rather than traffic growth, although in most cases they go hand in hand.

This all may seem obvious to us, but keep in mind most of these small businesses have not had anyway to track their marketing efforts other than their sales person from the billboard or newspaper coming in to tell them that X amount of people viewed their paper or billboard location in Y demographic and then try to tell the customer that is measurable and actionable data for that business. Now with MoM or YoY keyword reports that can literally show exactly how many people searched for the business and landed on specific pages on the businesses site and then took specific actions (download a brochure, bought an item, etc) the business owner will start to understand that web marketing is VERY tangible in relation to the very intangible marketing they have become accustomed too.

Recently there was a project that we were able to show that the business had zero, yes ZERO results around their focused keywords the last full month before the SEO effort had been put in place. The next month the report showed over 40 different keyword combinations around that ONE keyword now bringing traffic, this does not include other keywords that had been focused on, this was just one specific one. That is how you can show data that seems “tangible” to the business owner. That is something that makes sense. Once data like this is shown it will now cause that business owner to think twice before buying that billboard or newspaper ad.

So, before speaking to your customers, or if you are a decision maker at a business, do not fall for the farce that the web is intangible, realize that the most measurable data you can find is through your web and social analytics. Data you could never find with your offline marketing methods are just a few clicks away with online marketing.



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WebRTC Expo and Conference In San Francisco On The Schedule PDF Print E-mail
Written by bruce   
Tuesday, 20 November 2012 21:51

Next week I am headed to the WebRTC Conference and Expo in San Francisco, to say the least I am looking forward to attending this event. As it intersects my two professional focus areas, VoIP and unified communications plus web development and online marketing.

Obviously based on my WebRTC tutorial post I have an affinity for the new technology and really see this conference as a maturity point for the rapidly approaching standard. As was recently announced by Google, Chrome now has support built into the production browser and right behind that Firefox announced enhanced support. This means that a good portion of web browsers now have support for this real time communications technology on their desktop this moment.

Thrupoint has multiple spots during the conference, our Chief Innovation Officer (and an old boss of mine), David Jodoin is a keynote speaker and Sajeel Hussain, our VP of Product Marketing and Management is on a panel discussing WebRTC to SIP.

If any of my blog readers are in the San Francisco area and would like to get together shoot me a message.

Of particular interest to me next week is the Tuesday session lead by Justin Uberti of Google. Its a workshop showing how to implement WebRTC applications and outlining the open source code base being presented right from the creators themselves. Doesn’t get much better than that. You can read the complete conference agenda here.

The sponsor list has continued to grow for the conference with some of the leading names in web applications on the list. Need more info on WebRTC, ask in the comments below.

Also, started a little project keeping track of the various WebRTC Demos out there, I plan to post updates frequently with links and thoughts on the various demos I run across at WebRTCdemo.com



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Be Part Of a Domain Business Accelerator – Develop Consultantcom Accountantcom Japancom etc PDF Print E-mail
Written by directnavigation   
Friday, 16 November 2012 14:51
Ok. how would you like to be part of a World Class Accelerator, working on businesses developed around key generic domains. Well now is your chance. Gary Millin, who is [...] Related posts:
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